The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining us!

If you’re serious about seeking grants for your nonprofit organization, our journey together will be exciting and productive. Along the way, you will learn about the importance of researching the field of grantmakers ongoingly to find the ones who are seeking to fund organizations like yours, and whose funding priorities coincide with your projects, programs or planned additions.  Research is a fundamental key to success in pursuing grants. That’s why we provide each of our clients with ongoing research at no extra cost, once the initial research is completed.

Once prospective grantmakers have been identified by the research, we make direct contact with each of them in the manner they prefer (also learned through our research). This process involves telling the prospective grantmaker more about your organization, its mission, programs, outreach, and staff. We present a brief synopsis of what your organization is proposing and an evidence-based statement indicating why we believe the program or project will be successful. We also provide the grantmaker with the amount of funding being sought.

When the grantmaker indicates an interest in learning more about the project, we prepare a complete grant proposal that will address the project in detail. We research to find documentation demonstrating the probability of success along with the manner in which evaluation of the project will occur. The formal grant proposal also contains a number of other important documents to help the grantmaker make a solid decision: A Logic Model, Budget, Project Timeline, Board of Directors Roster, etc.  Preparing and assembling the formal proposal in a professional manner is time-consuming and exacting work usually requiring 45 – 60 hours for Foundation Grants, and 70 – 120 for Federal Grants and Research Grants.

So this is the journey we’re embarking on with you, and we are excited to be able to be part of it. Along the way, your organization will develop relationships with several grantmakers. Nothing is more important. Once developed, these relationships will make the job of grant funding much easier and more productive, and that can mean wonderful things for your organization and for the people it serves.


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